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My husband and I love your products....the company produces high quality supplements, at a very reasonable price.  We use your MSM and I also use the Remission product on my IR morgan mares. 

Thank you for the great products that the average horse owners can afford to help keep our equines healthy......I refer your products to my other horse friends all the time......keep up your amazing work!!


Chantelle Waldron

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to tell you how much I love your Aniflex GL product.
I have been feeding it for the past 4 months to my horses, one of which is
an upper level event horse and the others who fox hunt and race
(steeplechase). Needless to say they all work very hard for a living! I have
noticed a marked difference in their
Comfort level after a hard day of training, competing or hunting. And the
slightly older of the group certainly warm up more easily!
Is the Aniflex GL available in a larger container? Currently I am using the
16oz size.
Thank you for your time and for producing a great product!
Natalie Wales.

Dear AniMed,
I had to write to let you know of the results I recently had when using "Remission". I have a mare that is 14 years old. She is a very easy keeper, has started to develop a cresty neck in the last few years. In the last year she has really slowed down, she didn't run to the barn any more to be fed, she acted as though she was a lot older than 14. In general, she acted as though she was in pain, in fact I had purchased hoof boots for her and this did help when I rode her.
Last week I ran across a forum discussing your product "Remission" and the quick results others were getting, seemed to good to be true. But I thought it would be worth a try. I purchased some on a Thursday and on Friday my mare trotted for a short distance in the pasture. I have not seen this is quite some time. Monday I took this mare on a 12 mile ride and she was in the lead most of the time and full of energy. Tuesday she ran to the barn for feeding time, she has not done this in probably a year. This is not a coincidence; your product has definitely resolved the issues this mare is dealing with.
I am so pleased, I just had to share this good news with you. And most of all to say "thank you". I appreciate your efforts in making such an excellent product.
Monty Maxwell
61520 Shimmel rd.
Centreville, MI 49032

AniHist antihistamine Granules
"Three Years ago my horse Chief, was diagnosed with heaves. For three years I watched the life drain out of him and felt totally helpless. This past summer it looked like putting him down was the best thing, then a friend told me about AniMed AniHist, I decided to try it for a month. Within two weeks, Chief was more active and didn't wheeze as bad as he used to. By the end of that month he was galloping for the first time in three years. After three months on AniMed AniHist I was riding him on trails again. I have had Chief for sixteen years and was devastated when he was diagnosed. Now he has what I couldn’t give him before- time. Thank you for giving my best friend back to me!"
Lauren K., MI

"Great stuff that is affordable and WORKS! I love AniMed Products!"
C.C, Kentucky


I am 13 years old and this is the first time my family and I have owned horses. Our friends found a team of haflingers for us in October. The haflingers are 7 & 8 years old. Their names are Star and Bright.  Star had foundered before we got him. Both Star and Bright had huge cresty necks. We put them on a strict scheduleólimiting their pasture time and adding minerals to their diet. That only helped a little. In the Spring, when their coats shed out we were hoping to see better results. Our friends did some research and were advised by K. Smith ó the equine specialists at the co-op in Lafarge, TNóto try REMISSION. It sounded like what we needed so we decided to try it.

It didnít take long to notice a difference in their neck lines. We also noticed a difference in their muscle tone and in their energy levels. Their cresty necks are disappearing. The last time we measured them they had each lost 150 pounds. We are very grateful for the REMISSION and wanted to show you before and after picturesóespecially of Star.
R. Goke
"Star" and "Bright"
Hartsville, Tennessee

I have a horse with allergies and your product {AniHist} seems to work better that others I have tried. She is especially affected at this time due to the large amount of rain we have been having. Normally, she is only affected in Spring, but this year it began a little later and lasted longer that usual. My vet is in complete support of me using your AniHist, since it works so well.
K. Hardcastle

I just had to contact you and let you know how impressed I am with your product AniFlex Complete Joint Care. I have a 9 year old Mustang and she injured her left stifle several years ago. I have bought numerous joint products to help relieve the soreness and stiffness she was having. Some days she hurt bad enough to where she didnít want to lift her left leg to have her hoof cleaned. Anyway, with all those other products there was no relief for her. One day several months ago I was doing more research on more joint products and came across your line of products. Well, after reading the info provided I decided to give it a try. At that point it was what the heck, this one might be the one. And guess what! Your product IS the one! After three weeks of her being on AniFlex Complete she was back to her good old rotten self. She actually started running and playing in the pasture whereas before the fastest she would go would be a slow trot. Something I hadnít seen her do in about two years. What a sight to see. It is wonderful to see her pain free. And this summer I am going to ride her again after almost two years. So, a big thank you and hug to you for providing an outstanding joint product. My mare sends a nicker and muzzle nuzzle to you as well.
C. Sinks

I have a 5 year old mini mare that had been foundered for 2 years. I started giving her a small dose of REMISSION twice a day and have not had to give her any paste since I started your product. Itís great. Thank you.
R. Henry
Scottsburg, Indiana

I am writing to tell you how your product REMISSION has literally changed my mareís life. About 2 months ago my mare, Lady, came up lame. First thought was laminitis. I immediately started looking for supplements. I had read about supplementing horses with Magnesium and the positive results received from doing that. After some searching... I found REMISSION. I got my mare in to the vet and it actually ended up being Navicular. I asked him about REMISSION and if it would still be appropriate to supplement her with it. He said "canít hurt!". My farrier said he didnít think it would make a difference, but go ahead and spin my wheels on whatever I wanted. Lady has been on REMISSION for 7 weeks now. She just had a farrier appointment. He ate his words! She is doing amazing. Her feet arenít crumbling, the hair line cracks are gone, her mental state has evened out, her coat is shiny, she doesnít have flakiness on her skin or on her hooves. The farrier has now bumped her from a 4 week schedule, to a 6 week schedule, to an 8 week schedule. He says her hooves look so good that he is confident that she is out of the danger zone. REMISSION has done that for her!! We are definitely a lifetime subscriber to REMISSION. I have told my John Lyons discussion board about it, and I know of at least three other people who have now started their horses on it with the same wonderful results.
S. Hiddleston

I received your AniFlex GL and I want to thank you. Your product AniFlex GL Joint Care done wonders for my 16 year old quarterhorse, Casey. I strongly feed your AniFlex has reduced pain and stress on his joints and muscles. Casey is walking like a young stud, thanks to your product.
D. Panullo
Temecula, California

I am a horse shoeír by trade and also train steer wrestling horses. I have experienced in feeding my horse Montana, a 3 year old, Muscle-UPô powder. I have seen a great difference in the horses stamina and endurance. The horse I mentioned took my two sons to CRRA finals in McAlester, OK and the UPRA in Sulphur Springs, TX. This year at CRRA, with 51 bulldoggers, two steers were thrown; by C. Stone 3.05 and J. Stone 3.9 - all others at 4.00 and 5. Montana was given Muscle-UPô, I truly believe this product was the result of the winning of the finals. I have used other products pertaining to muscle builders, in comparison, Muscle-UPô product is the best.
J. Stone

I am a Law Enforcement Officer for the State of Florida. For 13 years I have tried, at great expense, to find a product for my boss mare, Polish Arabian, whom is, year round, tortured by her allergic reaction to bugs. As far as my opinion is concerned, you have far more of a miracle product than you think. The 2nd day of using BugLyte my girl no longer was bleeding. The following day no puss. Today is day seven and not only is she not scratching everywhere but all of her sores, under her chin, her ears, face, back, tail, stomach and inner legs are 75% healed. Thank you for ending our 13 year horror story.
V. Wagner
Indian Island Arabians

I have been competing in Barrel Racing since 1997. I have used many different products to try and get top performance from my horse. I always believed that there was another level my horse was capable of, but he just seemed to "hit a wall" so to speak before he reached the timers during a barrel run. I had heard how anabolic steriods could possibly give my horse the edge I was looking for, but I was unwilling to go to that extreme. I discovered your product Muscle-UPô and decided to give it a try. To my surprise withing the first month, Crusander (my barrel horse) improved his times by a half of a second, and he started to have more muscle definition. By the second month on Muscle-UPô he had improved his times by one full second, which is very significant in the barrel arena. He is now running winning times consistently and I have noticed that after competing his recovery time is much shorter then before. I have recommended Muscle-UPô to many of my barrel racing friends who have had problems similar to mine. I absolutely love this product, thank you AniMed for Muscle-UPô.
C. Howell
Southern California

My horse started to win some big races, using only Tie-By, I credit it for the success.

J. Ortiz

CMH Pistolita is a 4 year old Palomino. She has been on Coat Medic and at her most recent showing she placed top in her class.
"CMH Pistolita"
Lexington, Kentucky

I am writing in regards to your product AniFlex Complete and AniFlex GL.  Your product is absolutely the best I have ever tried. I have tried those expensive joint products like Necessity, Cosequin, ActaFlex, etc. Yours by far is the most reasonable price and not only that but I know it works better. I have a 23 year old broodmare that has arthritis and had alot of clicking going on in her joints. After using your product she get along alot better and faster, feels good and there is no more clicking in her joints. I am completely amazed. Me and my husband raise, train and compete on barrel horses. We travel all over the different states and run our barrel horses in Futurities, Big NBHA and IBRA Shows, we are very competitive in the 1st Division and have won titles. I love your product and I think everyone out there needs to know about your product. I now have all our horses on it. The young futurity colts and older seasoned barrel horses. My colts are on it as a preventative measure because they are getting worked so hard and I believe any horse in competition should have a joint supplement. Thanks for a wonderful product.
L. Ash
Mt. Clare, West Virginia

I am spreading the word about your Hoof Medic product as I have had such good results with it!
S. Hayes
Animal Science Department
University of Kentucky

Officer Gypsy has been taking AniFlex GL. On May 15 we worked a large and loud crowd on the city square. It was election night and the horses worked hard and they did a great job keeping the crowd under control. Gypsy worked without any hesitation or soreness. With Gypsy at age 28, I believe that AniFlex GL plays a big part in keeping her sound and happy. Thank you!

S. Donlevy
"Officer Gypsy"
McKinney Police Department

I am using your l-Tryptophan now on a horse with amazing results. I have a 4 year old Rocky Mountain gelding that two international trainers gave up on. He was bought for 10,000 and sold to me for 1,500 because he was "untrainable". After a year I was about to agree with them. I had made very little headway with him. I researched your product and decided along with a local vet to give it a try. The horse has responded wonderfully to it. The other night I was able to pick up all 4 feet and clean them for the first time. Thanks a lot. I will continue to be one of your customers and will recommend you to my friends and clients.
D. Buckler
Shelbyville, Kentucky

At 23 years old, Saw was brought out of retirement to show once again at the Little Britches Rodeo. He was put on AniFlex Complete about one month earlier.
A. Holbrook
Dickson, Tennessee

Rolls Royce and Heartland Masterpiece are champion Hackney ponies. Rolls Royce captured the United Professional Horsemanís Association Grand Championship at the American Royal Horse Show in the Hackney Pony Pleasure Driving division and has continued to be victorious throughout the nation in the toughest competition. Heartland Masterpiece, a World Champion Hackney Roadster to Bike, entered the Hackney Roadster Pony Under Saddle division to earn the World Championship in that division as well as, wins at the prestigious Lexington Junior League Horse Show, the largest outdoor horse show in the United States. Along with these titles, both ponies have been selected for numerous honors including the Peoples Choice Award, Pony of the Year titles, All American Champions and Best of Breed citation. Rolls Royce and Heartland Masterpiece each are maintained with Muscle-UPô, a superior product. This excellent product adds to their stamina and high condition which is essential to compete on a world class level with proven success.
G. Dickherber
"Rolls Royce" and "Heartland Masterpiece"
Old Monroe, Missouri

I would like to take a moment to commend you on an incredible product such as Muscle-UPô. To say the least, this product has taken my dogs ability to a whole other level that so far no one else has even come close to obtaining. My dogs an American Pitbull Terrier who competes both in conformation and weight pulling events sanctioned by the American Dog Breeders Association. Onyada, my white male, in only six sanctioned shows has won every show he has competed in and "aced" (championed) out in the 55-65lb male class. He is the Oklahoma State Champion two years in a row, and at four of those six shows he won the biggest award given in weight pulling events which is The Most Pulled Per Body Pound Trophy, both in the regular class and the Ace classes, which is unheard of, all because of what I have proven with using Muscle-UPô with my dogsí diet.
J. Pringle
Kansas City, Missouri